Alibaba Cuisine has a comprehensive menu of appetizers that are designed to tantalize your taste buds before the main course is served. They come in different formats like soups and finger foods, making them suitable before any kind of meal.

Our appetizers are just the right size so that you don’t fill up on them yet not so little that you can hardly get the full taste. The hummus and kibbeh are staple Mediterranean appetizers that we excel in and recommend them to everyone who wishes to relish the unique taste before diving head-on into their main course.

The healthy aspects of the Mediterranean diet are known widely to all but let’s take a focused look into how it pertains to appetizers.

  • They enhance your appetite, as is obvious by the name.
  • They prepare the stomach to receive the food after a long interval.
  • They help regulate blood sugar when made with whole foods.
  • They reduce salt uptake in the body.
  • They aid digestion.
  • They elevate your mood with their deliciousness.


Humans of every age love snacks and appetizers are just that! Our fries and mozzarella sticks are a beloved treat for the children who are more into it than the actual meal.

Adapting to eating healthy is all fun and games until an appetizer appears at the table; that’s when it all gets real. Soups and salads help you get full sooner, and hence you’re likely to eat less of the main course, which is why it always helps to have some appetizers on hand.

At Alibaba Cuisine, we prepare our Mediterranean appetizers with the freshest of ingredients so that you can get the most out of attending this healthy lifestyle. We support you in your efforts and applaud you for taking this step. So come celebrate with us without cheating on your diet and indulge guilt-free into tastes that may feel forbidden but are not!

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Our delicious list of appetizers including Tzatziki, hummus Shirazi salad, Fattoush salad, Lentil Soup, breaded mozzarella sticks, and more amazing options.

We offer the most promising appetizers in town; you won’t regret it.

Our specials are Korean Inspired Wings, Sliders, Local Craft Beer, Oxtail Poutine, Ciders, Iced Teas, Rice Bowls, and Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese.

Ali Baba Cuisine features an amazing collection of Halal Appetizers making it the perfect place for every community to dine, drink and socialize.