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Welcome to Alibaba Mediterranean Cuisine, your number one source for all things food. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of Mediterranean food, with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness in taste.

We serve the best Mediterranean food in Southern California with a special taste derived from a blend of freshly ground spices. All cuisines are made to order to ensure the rich taste of authentic Middle Eastern food to our customers, bringing you a taste of home cooked meals.

Our family has founded Alibaba based on our passion for food and good taste. Many wonderful memories in our family were created while we shared some of our favorite foods and we’re excited to share this with our customers.

We hope you enjoy our food as much as we enjoy offering it to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Alibaba cuisine- binding you together with food that reaches the soul.

The versatility of Mediterranean cuisine

The growing trend of Mediterranean cuisine is now becoming a flavorful characteristic of many cuisines that is not limited to specific recipes. Ali Baba Cuisine’s interpretation of Mediterranean food is bound to make your taste buds drool with anticipation.

Ranked as one of the healthiest eating lifestyles, the Mediterranean diet brings a unique taste derived from freshly ground spices. The flavor will ignite some déjà vu of the Middle East, while Alibaba restaurant brings you dish after dish of mouth-watering foods.

We follow the Mediterranean eating guidelines with a twist of our own so that you can expect:

At Alibaba restaurant, we prepare dishes to sustain your healthy lifestyle. The occasional dessert and dining out will not put you out, and socializing becomes enjoyable when you can eat what you want without fretting over the calories.

You don’t have to visit Greece or Italy when you can get Mediterranean cuisine right here with us. Get aboard the Mediterranean train and treat yourself whenever you want with delectable meals served with heart and soul.

Rush to Alibaba for all Mediterranean cravings!

Your search for the best Mediterranean food on Long Beach is now over. What makes this cuisine so healthy is also what makes it most delicious. It’s not just a meal but an affair that is amplified with flawless customer service and an ambiance to matchhttps://alibaba-cuisine.com/.

The flexibility and the myriad of options offered by Mediterranean cuisine are second to none. While searching for an ‘Alibaba restaurant near me,’ stay confident that our taste will exceed your expectations with every dish you try.

Red wine is a Mediterranean staple proven to have many benefits when taken in moderation for all wine lovers. This diet is your way to clean eating while indulging in decadent tastes. Who says healthy eating has to be boring?

Mediterranean food long beach

Enjoy Mediterranean Food with Ali Baba Cuisine in Long Beach & Lakewood. Browse Long Beach & Lakewood restaurants serving Mediterranean Food nearby, place your order, and enjoy! Your order will be delivered in minutes and you can track its estimated time of delivery while you wait.

In Long Beach & Lakewood, The Fresh Green Olive and Panini Kabob Grill are some popular daily go-to’s and The Ali Baba Cuisine is one of the popular go-to’s for Mediterranean food.

Whether you are looking to impress a date with a cool wine tasting, reconnecting with family over a good dinner or planning the perfect wedding reception for some of your closest friends, we are here for you. Come in and feel like part of our family.


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Arabic food is light on spice yet tasty. One of the most popular dishes is mandi, (rice and whole chicken). And, Ali Baba Cuisine is here to provide you with the best Arabic food near you.

We can bet you will be glad to spend on our flavorsome dishes. We offer a range of Arabic dishes like sheesh towouk, hummus and a range of mandis in a combination of meat, chicken, and fish too.

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Best Halal food restaurant near you. We offer a variety of dishes including Thai and Chinese dishes, desserts and fresh juices complemented with our friendly and dedicated services at Ali Baba Cuisine in Long Beach & Lakewood.

Ali Baba Cuisine is ideal for Muslims, as the food served is entirely Halal. Only the freshest and finest ingredients are used in the dishes.

Nearest Halal Food Restaurant in Lakewood & Long Beach:

Searching for the nearest halal food restaurant? Well, your search finally ends here with Ali Baba Cuisine.

Ali Baba Cuisine offers an excellent collection of mouthwatering Western, Thai, South Indian, Pakistani and much more food dishes, at reasonable prices. This restaurant is perfect for Muslims, since the food served is Halal. Only fresh and natural ingredients are used in the dishes.