Ali baba/plates

Ali baba/plates

Not everyone has had luck visiting the many countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea and experience their culture, food, and lifestyle. Luckily for you, at Alibaba Cuisine, you get all that in your neighborhood.

You can take advantage of our eclectic menu and get the benefits of this healthy diet simply by ordering anything you like off of it. It includes:

  • An abundance of plant foods that are locally grown and seasonally fresh.
  • Cheese and yogurt in moderate amounts.
  • Olive oil is a staple source of fat.
  •  Red meat in small amounts
  • Fish and poultry
  • Desserts made with fresh fruits and sweets with honey.
  • Wine

Don’t go back and forth with yo-yo diet fads, and stick to our Mediterranean plates that carry a range of options from the decadent salmon plate to the appetizing falafel plate. There’s a taste for every palate on our menu.

The Mediterranean Cuisine at Alibaba is more than just a collection of nutrients; but it’s an integral part of Mediterranean culture and history. We have tried our best to bring authenticity into our dishes, many of which have become favorites of our regular customers.

Just because you’re not living in the Mediterranean doesn’t mean that should prevent you from reaping its many benefits to overall health. This diet promotes using whole foods and produces mouth-watering foods

that are suitable for all ages. If you’re looking to get a jumpstart to your healthy lifestyle, then start here. Alibaba’s Mediterranean cuisine is one for the books with its wide variety and tailored dishes for children and adults alike.

Try the Alibaba combo to get a flavorful template of foods bringing various health benefits along with amazing tastes. Though the dishes seem intricate, preparing them is a delight. Our menu is filled with recipes that will surely bring you back time and again to our restaurant. Don’t resist any longer and bring quality to each day with our Mediterranean Cuisine.

If you’re craving for a great shawarma plate from your favorite restaurant in Long Beach & Lakewood, here’s some good news. You can get it from Ali Baba Cuisine. The chicken is marinated in a rich blend of spices and then cooked on a sheet pan in the oven. The chicken is served on a creamy lemon tahini sauce garnished with pomegranate seeds and radishes for a bit of crunch. This is a great dish to serve a crowd.

This high protein, veggie packed chicken shawarma plate is not only nutrient dense but utterly delicious! It’s made using fool-proof sheet pan chicken shawarma and even has an easy homemade tzaziki sauce recipe! It’s also meal prep and freezer friendly.

One of your favorite local restaurants in Long Beach & Lakewood serving a mezze platter on our appetizer menu. The word “meze” refers to a taste or a snack, and is similar to the tapas served in Spain. A mezze platter contains a variety of foods that are often served as appetizers in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines.

A mezze platter could be both vegetarian or meat-based (with kebabs, meat skewers, or roasted chicken), depending on customer preference.

Most mezze platters contain popular appetizers like hummus, tabbouleh, feta cheese, olives, pita, or any other bite-size bread, crackers, and one or two Mediterranean dips.

Here are some delicate details about our Mediterranean platter:

  • Falafel: The chickpea falafel is an essential snack on an authentic mezze platter.
  • Hummus: No mezze platter is complete without a creamy hummus.
  • Dips: Apart from hummus, We add baba ganoush, roasted red pepper dip (muhammara), tzatziki, or tomato salsa to my mezze platter for extra dipping sauce.
  • Marinated Olives: Our olives are soaked in brine solutions.